Let’s Run

Let’s Run.

I said awhile ago that I was going to start doing things that make me happy, and focus on myself again. With the Bgirl, I just crossed an item off my bucket list and got one step closer to one of the biggest things on my life list. Last weekend, we completed a 5K. It was a fun run, with lots of dye being splattered as we went, and we did the race with several friends which made it a really great time. I loved accomplishing something so big with my kid there to do it with me. In this quest to lose weight and get healthier, she has been my biggest cheerleader and a huge support system to me, and she will never know how much that has meant to me. We even have our next race planned for just a couple of weeks from now!!
I admit that my body really revolted the day after Run or Dye, so I know in my head that I may never reach my goal of a Disney half marathon, but I will – I WILL!! – complete a Disney race in the next two years. And if possible I would love to do it with my girl beside me, I think that is a memory we will always have to cherish.

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The last two weeks have been truly ridiculous and stressful for many reasons, and I am highly looking forward to some much needed downtime. Except – it does not appear to be forthcoming any time soon. 

We have endured family situations, death x3, inuding a well-loved kitty I had spent half my life with, and just day to day insanity. 

The next few weeks promise to bring more of the same with dance, spring performance events, field day, graduation!!! Oh my. I need a vacation…can’t wait til the one planned for later this year comes to pass.

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My review of Time4Learning

I recently had the opportunity to review a popular homeschooling and educational website called Time4Learning. My kids and I had a month of free usage in exchange for the review, which follows here.
My 10 yr old absolutely loves this program. We found the work right on target for her grade level, but not too easy so as not to be a challenge at all. The math is challenging but is not as initially I was told, common-core Aligned, but still she had some trouble understanding a few things that were taught very differently than I’ve been teaching her. There is a lot of review provided for each lesson though, which I really like! Moreover, the videos and lessons in history, science and English all kept her interest and she has begged me to go ahead and do the nominal paid subscription, which we will be doing.
My high schooler also used Time4Learning albeit not as much as he is prepping for his senior exams. However, the civics and personal management were of particular interest and provides excellent review lessons for him. He also enjoyed the Chemistry and said it was not as boring as he had assumed it would be. I guess from a teenager, that passes as high praise.
All in all, as a parent I felt good about using this program for the bulk of homeschooling for my daughter, we will continue to do bookwork particularly in mathematics, but the other subject matter seems very well-composed and thorough. The parent areas are pretty easy to use – there are forums and also “how to” videos that I purposely did not watch right away, to see how hard the site was to navigate for my review. I liked the feature of being able to set goals and assign work- I do think maybe letting the kids check it off as completed would be nice. And looking at grades is very easy.
I used Time4Learning from both our family desktop and my smartphone with no issues at all. It would be a great program for families on the go.
Thanks for reading my personal review of Time4Learning…in exchange for my honest and candid opinion, I was given a free month of the program to try out. My opinion does not reflect the opinion of Time4Learning.

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For myself

I’ve been talking with some friends about what one calls her “life list” – similar to a bucket list but more of a finite list of goals to attain. For instance she wants to try 100 different cocktails. 

I have a bucket list. I’ve referenced it here on my blog in the past. But this life list concept really appeals to me, because recently I have been in an enormous slump. I’m home all day teaching the kids which I know is a choice and a really amazing opportunity for us all and truly important for their future…but then I have zero reason to do much more than change my socks on a daily basis. I swore I would never be one of those “throw on a hat and some sweatpants” kinds of women…well shit me, I went to walmart in yoga pants last week. And a hat. Not cool, people, not cool at all! But when I’m at home all day and chauffeuring kids all evening, what point is there in getting changed…other than added laundry to deal with? 

Thats where my my life list is going to come into play. I am making goals, finding myself again, doing things for ME to make myself happy…in a totally non-retail therapy or two glasses of wine a night sort of way. I’m talking little ways, like wearing makeup for no reason than it makes me happy and feminine feeling. 

So I am starting with a list of just ten things that I can set into motion. I do not plan for any of these things to be earth-shattering, just small measures of improvements to my existence. Because in the end, I deserve that. And mostly, I deserve to WANT to do that for myself.

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Time4Learning – week one

We have been using Time4Learning for a week now and we all really like it! I had the teenager give it a try for the review/demo month to see what he thought of the high school work and he is learning, asking to go on there…what teen WANTS to do “schoolwork?” The 5th grader was super upset one day when the internet went wonky and she had to resort to bookwork. In just a week, she has learned so much.

I’m very impressed and we will be paying the nominal monthly fee for this when the time comes.

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Wordless- memorial – Wednesday


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Time4Learning Review

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How is the first month of the year over already?
And despite copious amounts of water, majorly cutting back on soda, avoiding having snacks and seconds and so forth….I am not losing any (ANY!!) freakin weight. So not fair.
Upside: new bed coming in a few days. We tested out several and settled on a select comfort, the idea of which thrills me. Of course anything is an improvement over this horrible bed. So here’s to better sleep soon!

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Tues Jan 24

Found out I am vitamin D deficient recently which could explain some of my lack of energy and muscle stiffness. Unfortunately that also means 2000 more milligrams a day that I need which equals out to two more pills a day I have to take. Ick! Can’t I just go live somewhere sunny year round so I can get my vitamin D the natural way?
Had a super weekend with my west coast red cat cuz over the weekend in Norfolk. Didn’t blow the diet too badly, except for the booze. And I think several hrs of walking thru a huge mall and climbing stairs counts for some small measure of exercise…still not looking forward to weigh in Wednesday, esp after last week when I saw zero difference after a week of really working on this.
Why can’t it be even half as flipping easy (and FUN!) to get rid of this weight as it was to get it here in the first place? Ok, whiny moment over!

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Why I love Wednesdays…

Girl Time!!!

Wednesdays are Girl Scouts night at my house – since B and her pal have dance on meeting nights, I had to give up running their Brownie troop and they have been unable to attend meetings.  So…the meetings moved to our house, for the two of them.

So Wednesday is a night of laughter and fun and crafts (and often spilled craft SUPPLIES), the girls end up with paint more on them than their projects sometimes, but they have a blast, learn and earn their girl scout patches.

And since Girl Scouts night coincides with Boy Scouts night, M is off to his meetings, the house is peaceful, and I get to spend time with someone who has become a truly valuable part of my life. I’m so used to being “one of the guys” that having a real gal-pal is pretty darn awesome.

So on Wednesday, B and her friend have girls night and the two moms do, too. And trust me, I think some weeks Wednesday evenings are what get us all through the week, lol!

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