Tues Jan 24

Found out I am vitamin D deficient recently which could explain some of my lack of energy and muscle stiffness. Unfortunately that also means 2000 more milligrams a day that I need which equals out to two more pills a day I have to take. Ick! Can’t I just go live somewhere sunny year round so I can get my vitamin D the natural way?
Had a super weekend with my west coast red cat cuz over the weekend in Norfolk. Didn’t blow the diet too badly, except for the booze. And I think several hrs of walking thru a huge mall and climbing stairs counts for some small measure of exercise…still not looking forward to weigh in Wednesday, esp after last week when I saw zero difference after a week of really working on this.
Why can’t it be even half as flipping easy (and FUN!) to get rid of this weight as it was to get it here in the first place? Ok, whiny moment over!

About braultfam

I'm a married, often-harried mom of a busy darling dancing diva in her early teen years. I wrangle a houseful of furry children while homeschooling the kid, reading (mainly digital books these days), and writing. And let's not forget, taking time to travel when possible, because we are definitely a family who loves making memories together from PA to FL...I other words, I'm just your average superwoman!
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