I Give Up.

My Tuesday is more like a Monday. Flakes….my world is full of flakes, and I am not reffering to the frosted-corn variety. My husband’s job blows goats, to quote a person from my past. He is the one who missed half of Easter Sunday, works so others get the nights and weekends and holidays off, and took a friggin pay cut to do so – yeah, he is doing it so he can get his RN finally, but he never asks off…so when he wants someone to cover 4 lousy hours so he cna go with his daughter to a baseball game, no one will cover. Becca was so excited to be “treating daddy” to the game, she earned the tickets reading lots of books in school. He just needed coverage for 4 hours dammit.
My mother forgot my kid at school. AGAIN. The one day a week she is supposed to pick her up and she “forgot about Rebecca”. WTH?
And that’s not all either – but I’m irritated and the more I type, the pissier my mood gets.

About braultfam

I'm a married, often-harried mom of a busy darling dancing diva in her early teen years. I wrangle a houseful of furry children while homeschooling the kid, reading (mainly digital books these days), and writing. And let's not forget, taking time to travel when possible, because we are definitely a family who loves making memories together from PA to FL...I other words, I'm just your average superwoman!
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