Mmmm….things I love about “M”

Erin had this cool thing written on her blog – Ten things she loved that began with a certain letter, and she assigned me the letter “M”, so here goes:

1) Motherhood – I never wanted kids, never liked them much, didn’t even babysit as a teenager, but here I am with a 5 year old I adore. It’s all the little things that make mommyhood so awesome, like Becca saying I’ll always be her best friend.

2) Mashed potatoes – Rebecca “Tugboat” Reynolds once christianed me the Mashed Potato Queen and she was 100% correct in the title. I don’t think I could live without fluffy, yummy mashed potatoes at least once a week.

3) Monopoly – I think my love affair started because it was a bonding time for my cousins and I, we got totally into the game. We even had a card table setup for making deals and trading properties! I learned at an early age if I wanted to play with my older cousins I had to learn the game quickly and be good at it. Hence the reason my collection of unusual Monopoly game sets is now into the 20s: Hard Rock Cafe, Harley Davidson, I Love Lucy, you name it.

4) Matrimony – it took awhile, but I think Rob and I have finally gotten things right in our marriage. I guess some people would say I’m old fashioned in the respect that I truly believe in the sanctity of marriage and the bond it creates.

5) Mail – I’m obsessed, with email and snail mail. As soon as the mailman comes, I’m out the door to fetch the day’s offerings. Yeah, it’s often bills (and the dreaded occasional shut off notice), but sometimes there are cool magazines, coupons, or -*gasp*- a card or letter now and then. Even if I’m just getting “Resident or Occupant” items, mail is pretty cool.

6) Marshmallows – I used to sneak those little mini ones from my grandmother’s panty and then she’d have none when she wanted to make sweet potato fluff and come hunt me down, knowing I’d eaten so many I had a massive tummyache! Love ’em in my hot cocoa, roasted and toasted on a campfire, or just out of the bag. YUM. Between that and the afore-mentioned mashed potatoes, I’m getting hungry.

7) Mondays – seriously, they are not bad at work – true we have a full day of patients, but I just had two days off, and then I get two more days off after that (Tues/Wed), so Monday is a good day for me. I get fed lunch 99% of the time, and I’m all about free food…and I’d rather start our workday early than on Thursday when we don’t have patients until 10 am and that makes the day D-R-A-G by.

8) Me – It has taken me 31 years to get to a place where I really do like/love myself. I’m happy – generally speaking – with where I am in life – yeah, we’re broke (hel-lo, who isn’t?) and our house is small and crammed and often messy, and I really do need to lose some weight and get healthy, but honestly, in general, I like myself when I get up in the mornings.

9) Memories – I think that is why I’m a big scrapbooker. My grandmother was as well, so I get memory-keeping from her. Times and people and places change so rapdily that I like having a pictorial and written memory of things past. I keep other things too: ticket stubs, a lock of hair, sometimes silly things that make me quite the packrat, but they mean something to me, and in some cases, I hope one day they will mean something to Rebecca too.

10) Mass Market Media – meaning, paperback books! I read an average of 3-4 novels in a week, and have been an avid reader since I learned to read at the age of two. Books are like food to me, a complete necessity. I’ll read just about anything from romance books to mysteries to contemporary fiction to true literature.

And finally, since I had to really stop and think about the items I wanted to name, I came up with several immediate “M” words of things I do NOT love, and will list them here: I do not love mincemeat, nor math, nor multiple choice tests, nor ex-wives whose name begins with M and shall remain nameless. I do not love meringue, or messy desks (although mine is often). So there!

If you’d like to play along, leave me a comment or email me and I’ll randomly assign you a letter.

Thanks Erin, this was a lot of fun!!

About braultfam

I'm a married, often-harried mom of a busy darling dancing diva in her early teen years. I wrangle a houseful of furry children while homeschooling the kid, reading (mainly digital books these days), and writing. And let's not forget, taking time to travel when possible, because we are definitely a family who loves making memories together from PA to FL...I other words, I'm just your average superwoman!
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