Project 365

I’ve been checking out some of my JustMom’s friends who are doing this very cool photo journal for the year – you take a single photo each day, and the idea is, at the end of the year, you have a whole year recorded. I’m a few days late, but hey, I’m ALWAYS late, right….I’m going to give it a try.

Keep after me folks, I was originally going to do it weekly, but I had trouble deciding between 3 different pics to represent this week!!


Here’s a gallery shot of what I’ve chosen to represent 2009 thus far (not 9 pics, since I missed a few days getting going):

About braultfam

I'm a married, often-harried mom of a busy darling dancing diva in her early teen years. I wrangle a houseful of furry children while homeschooling the kid, reading (mainly digital books these days), and writing. And let's not forget, taking time to travel when possible, because we are definitely a family who loves making memories together from PA to FL...I other words, I'm just your average superwoman!
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One Response to Project 365

  1. KathyM says:

    WTG Becca! Wow, that’s quite an accomplishment, let alone for January!

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