Much needed

Dad took Becca on her field tirp today, and I think he got worn out! It didnt hlep that he had my cousin’s “challenging” child as well….but everyone seemed to have fun, and I definitely enjoyed the day off without Becca!! Best of all, Rob was off as well, so we ran some errands and had a nice lunch, sans children.

I think after all the B.S. and stress of the past week, this is just what we ALL needed. For those who don’t know, the proverbial shit hit the fan Mon PM in our family prior to my aunt’s viewing – many of you are quite familiar with family history involving my cousin, well, he went more than a single step too far and tried to bar me, Rob, and my father from my aunt’s services. Things VERY nearly came to physical blows. Payback is a bitch, because dad just didn’t pay him any mind, and as for me, I attended…with my wrestler ex boyfriend who my cousin is scared of in tow! I was unable to go to the funeral, trying to keep the day as calm as possible for my other aunt and my dad, and frankly, after this, I will never have the need to deal with my cousin again. To those who think that sounds harsh, I will only say to ask anyone who has been close to our family for a long time and you will soon understand the ins-n-outs of this relationship: 30 years of anger, stress, theft, injury, lies, slander, and I could go on.

I was able to spend quite some time with a cousin (step-cousin??) woh I hadn’t seen in about 20 years, so that was nice – and his wife is a wonderful lady who advised me that to heal myself from all this I need to forgive, after all, I won’t forget and without the poisionous people in my life, I will have no need for the anger and pain. I’m going to try. That’s all I can offer up right now.

About braultfam

I'm a married, often-harried mom of a busy darling dancing diva in her early teen years. I wrangle a houseful of furry children while homeschooling the kid, reading (mainly digital books these days), and writing. And let's not forget, taking time to travel when possible, because we are definitely a family who loves making memories together from PA to FL...I other words, I'm just your average superwoman!
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One Response to Much needed

  1. Kat M says:

    sorry bout all the stuff you went thru! thats sweet of ur dad 2 take Becca!

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