Lost and Found

The last several weeks have changed our family dynamic drastically. We have endured household drama and changes we did not expect, hard and hurtful ones esp for the B-girl. But we have come out of it seeing the light at the end of the tunnel – finding a windfall sense of peace, in many ways for the first time in a couple of years.
Summer slipped by us so quickly, it makes me very sad. Taking on the role of director of a local scout camp occupied my every moment for a few weeks, tough but wonderful all at once, which is always the case. We have traveled and camped, though not nearly as much as I would have liked. One of the benefits of homeschooling is that we can have vacations at odd times of the year when it better suits schedules, and our big “summer vacation” is coming up before long. I am looking forward to that family time to relax and enjoy adventures together and time with one another for more than a quick weekend away.

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Erotic Romance Excerpt and Giveaway!!

I recently read a great ebook by a fantastic new author, and she has a new book coming out in just a couple of weeks! I had to share this sneak peek….

An Endless Love (Forbidden, #2)
Author: Niquel
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 15, 2014
Find out more and like it at Goodreads!


Enter the Giveaway Here

Have you ever felt broken? It feels like a part of you would never be complete again-like it would never heal. Jake Shaw is a bad man, an obsessed and deranged psychotic being who deserves to be locked underneath the walls of the cell he’s rotting in. The beating he received from Allan wasn’t enough and Alecia hopes he gets what’s coming to him. She didn’t ask for this, but he broke her, something she never thought would be possible.

Allan had a secret, an ‘addiction’ so to speak. He was in pain and didn’t have the balls to admit it. The one girl he allowed to get close to him was assaulted by his own brother and Allan beat his ass within an inch of his life. He went through a lot to hide the excruciating pain he endured everyday and his secret was about to be exposed. His life was spiraling out of control.

Could they hold on to the pieces long enough to mend their broken hearts? Or was it impossible?

“I had fallen in love with her the moment I saw her in the club that night. She seemed broken, but to me, she was beautiful. It didn’t take long to feel a special connection with her. The more time we spent together, the more I knew deep down in my heart she would be mine forever. I felt like nothing could take away our happiness until, he had come back into her life. ”

Ready to check out the first installment of this series?? Look no further:
Barnes and Noble link to Book One “Forbidden Love”

amazon.com Link to Forbidden Love (Book 1)

About the Author:
Niquel is the author of The Forbidden Series; A Forbidden Love and An Endless Love. She is a very creative soul and takes pride in all aspects of her art. Boston born and raised, she’s attended two colleges, one for graphic arts and the other for 3D animation. Last year she decided to revisit her long lost love for writing and has been going nonstop ever since. Her erotic romance A Forbidden Love is out now and the second book in the series, An Endless Love will be out this July!Niquel currently lives just outside of Boston, with her very supportive significant other and their two precious daughters.

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The Real World

They say to write what you know.
I’ve always avoided being so open when I write anything outside of my blog. However, the urge to tell a story very different from the one I began has gotten so great- the voice so loud- that I can’t continue to ignore it.
Perhaps it is time to get personal, to get real. Maybe the greatest catharsis for all that’s been endured is to let it out more publicly than a blog and a select group of friends on social media sites.
Nothing good comes without a price- I just hope the price was paid in advance and the good will be the take that comes after.

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Officially official

I said I was going to write and so I am. I’ve been outlining, writing, making notes on things I need to research. An author friend has given me some major motivation, and hooked me up with an erotica writer’s group on fb.
Tonight, I jumped in even further with both feet and registered myself as an author and setup my Facebook fan page.
Here goes nothin’!

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Baby Steps

I’m such an impatient person, but on the other hand, I tend to procrastinate terribly. So it will come as no surprise to those who know me that I am feeling very “hedgy” (my blog, I can make up a word, dammit) about taking steps to become a REAL author. I haven’t been published since college works – nearly 2 decades ago. 

Do I still have it? The writing world is an entirely different place now, and no matter how well I can relate to ebooks, small publishing and self-publishing, I’m haven’t been feeling entirely comfortable with this idea. Comfortable isn’t truly the right word – more like, I’m scared shitless that I will fail. I.hate.failure.

The husband has been encouraging me for ages now. I think part of me is afraid if I don’t succeed at this that he will be disappointed as well. Thus, it’s not just MY happiness that I am thinking of. Really stupid, isn’t it?

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Sweet Salt Air: Book Review

As a long time fan of Barbara Delinsky, I was so excited to be chosen to participate in a chatterbox review of her latest novel “Sweet Salt Air.”
I will be honest in saying that this story had some slow points and quite a few fairly predictable plot points- I would not rate it as the author’s best work.

The main character is spending the summer reacquainting herself with the island she spent summers on as well as her longtime best friend. Secrets, betrayals from long ago, and of course men, all play into the story as the book unfolds. At the end, love and friendships are tested but all works out well in the end.

This would make a nice vacation read, the imagery is excellent and I found myself relaxing on the island with everyone.

I was sent a hardback copy of this book in exchange for my fair and honest review upon reading it.

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Pen to paper

I used to write. Before husband and kids and work and – well, life! – took over, I wrote. And I think I wasn’t half bad at it, either. I’ve been published in literary magazines and campus publications during college, but since then, I have seriously chickened out on pursuing this dream.
Husband keeps saying I should write again. I used to shake my head and ignore him, but lately the fire inside has been hotter, the urge as strong as it was years ago.
I’m participating in an online multi-day chat with numerous authors of many genres, and am enjoying the chatter immensely. One author spent time this evening encouraging me to work at publication, and to write again.
Maybe having someone who doesn’t have a personal stake in it made the difference, and maybe I will never be “THAT author” but I am an author, and I am going to pursue becoming a published one.
That, my friends, is yet something else on my life list that I shall accomplish!

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Attn Readers!!! Houseparty Rolls Out New “Chatterbox” Program

Have you heard of House Party? It’s an online program that matches up companies with people willing to host small gatherings centered around their product. It’s totally FREE, and a lot of fun. I’ve been a member of House Party for several years now, and in that time, we have hosted a Tombstone Pizza Party, a cooking event centered around butter, and a couple of others. We also held an American Girl Scrapbooking party with The American Girl Crafts ‘My Life Scrap and Stuff Book’.
that we turned into a birthday party for my daughter! All the supplies were totally free, we just passed out coupons and other party pack goodies, and talked about the party on their website and other social media.
Why did I mention House Party? Well….I love to read. I will read just about anything, there is always a book in my car, and I don’t leave home without my e-reader.
House Party has a new offshoot program called “Chatterbox” and I just got my first item in the mail, after being selected to read a book by one of my favorite authors. So this morning, I started Barbara Delinsky’s Sweet Salt Air.
Expect me to report back with a book review, but so far, this is proving to be another of Ms. Delinsky’s wonderful stories of family and friendship featuring strong-yet-flawed female leads.

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Book Review: “What it Takes” by Kathryn Ascher

Recently, I read a debut book by a new author that I really enjoyed. Kathryn Ascher's "What It Takes" blends a dash of Hollywood glitz with a woman's insecurities about love after a long-time romance comes to a nasty end. Throw in a handsome leading man, and little bits of intrigue to kick start the drama...and you have a successful and fun read. The plot was a good one, albeit predictable in spots, but then, most romance novels are.

I actually found myself far more engrossed than I anticipated, especially for a first-time author. When the story ended, I was definitely left wanting more, which is a great thing for the author, because she plans this to be part one of a series.
Check out What it Takes (The Rocky Creek Series), available in e-book or print format.

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Nothing stays the same forever

Changes are afoot around here. “Here” referring to my blog, but also my life. Because let’s face it, we are on a constantly moving journey aren’t we?

I have decided that I want to focus my blog on a few things besides just about my family, which I know y’all are just so enthralled by ;-).
We homeschool, and I am proud of that fact, and happy to share our journey.
I love Disney, and sharing tips and information on travel to WDW is fun for me.
Reading has always been a huge part of my life – I read just about anything I can get my hands on.
My health is becoming increasingly more important to me, including losing weight, learning to run, and generally being more health-conscious.
So expect more blogging about those topics, and maybe a few other interesting tidbits along the way. Because these things are important to me, and make up a big part of who I am, I want to share more about them with you. Hope you don’t mind.

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